Marketing and communication consulting. Project development. Startup marketing consulting. Strategic management.


Personal branding consultations. Naming. Brand development. Visual identity concepts. Brand strategic management. Rebranding.


Business coaching. Individual life coaching. Changing the habits


Every client is a special value for us.

ROSENSO is passionate about making people satisfied – either related to work or with themselves. Marketing, business development, coaching – it is all about goals, and we can help you reach them!

Our creative marketing and business development services are like an outsourced support, even if you are miles away from us. You don’t have to worry about specific marketing department in your company – we are here and ready to work with you!

Our coaching services are made for private persons only. We are fully commited and focused on each person and their desired goals. We can make you think differently, to feel and act better. To raise brand awareness we work on personal branding as well.




Our understanding of things and hjow the World is created and run. Our values and perception of ourselves.


An experience collected piece by piece - when participating in and managing different projects with a balancing a business mind with creative things.


What others see when working with us. What is the Secret Weapon of our performance.


Global coverage

no matter where you are, we can support your ideas and ensure high quality services – export marketing, project development etc.

We act

as an outsourced marketing and business development company, so your organization doesn’t need to worry about this field – we will take care of your desires!

Premium value

every client is special to us, and we strive to share our best experience and knowledge in all fields. We never stop learning and we are motivated to try new technologies, platforms, and solutions, as well as new products. We follow new trends to add our vision to the client needs in forthcoming future.

Connecting dots

between Eastern and Western businesses and cultures. Geographically located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, we act as a bridge to connect mentalities.Trekking in the Himalayas and meditation at the foot of the Mont Blanc, mixing Japanese samurai techniques and following Hindu traditions, - all of this helps to see missing dots.


Every single project is a creative journey.

Roots of the Balts tribes. An understanding of the messages of signs by the Nordic Vikings. A knowledge of the Eastern philosophy. Colours. Names. A number of letters. Signs. The Golden ratio. A magic mathematics. Numerology.  A hidden meaning.

The importance of every detail sums up the vibrations and flow of energies. A creativity activated by clear mind and conciseness as the result of yoga, meditation, and connection with the magic power of nature. We cannot reveal all the secrets. The magic formula works only when stored in a special place. We share it wisely with the clients that are on the same page. Are we?




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