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Raivo Kreicbergs - brand strategist

I help businesses grow by creating a clear brand strategy and brand identity. Mostly, working directly with business owners and CEOs, I also support their marketing teams to lead them get a clear vision and build a strong foundation for the brand.

When it is time for a brand strategy

Whether you’re just starting or looking to revamp your business messaging, let’s team up to uncover the true essence of your brand, putting it in words and creating a brand strategy and brand identity that will make you the best in your market niche.


  • I am brand strategy expert with more than 20 years of experience working with businesses and startups at different development stages and in various fields (insurance, data analytics, SaaS products, retail, healthy lifestyle and yoga-related products, tourism, aviation and others).
  • I’ve created brand strategies from A-Z, from creating a new concept to full its implementation, and with 12+ year-experience as Chief Marketing Officer I have done supervision of marketing execution.
  • I have experience working with globally focused strategies as well as Europe and emerging markets based. This diverse experience allows me to use different approaches, perspectives, solutions and best practices to create the most successful brand strategy and brand identity for each business individual needs any markets in focus.
  • I have 2 degrees - Master in Economics and MBM Master of Business Management. 

"It is important for business goals not only to create a unique brand, but also make sure it's being alive and adaptive to ongoing global trends!"



If you feel like your business is strugglingit’s hard to find your brand identity and reach your audience, you are in the right place. As a brand strategist I help you bring your brand to life, give it the purpose, and clear goals. I create a brand strategy that is based on a solid understanding of your market niche, target audience and points of differentiation.

I map out your brand structure, define your underlying values, the pillars that support your brand, the brand essence, tone of voice, and the story that will best connect with your audience. I help to define your brand strategy creatively and effectively with the goals in mind.

I help developing a full branding document that you can share with your team to ensure a strong understanding of what you stand for and your goals, helping you better connect with your target audience. 

Brand strategy isn’t only about what’s on the surface, it’s also about what’s beneath.


What we uncover in the 6 steps process:

Brand naming

Analyzing your current brand name, how strong it is at delivering the message about what you do. Re-naming can also be a solution for entering new markets.


Defining your business’s foundation, purpose, mission, and vision by answering 3 important questions - WHO, WHY, HOW to keep brand focused and make it stand out from competitors.

Brand personality

Studying your values and cultures to discover your brand personality.

Target audience and research

Insights into your target audience and the market positioning to hook the customers and stand out from the competitors.

Creation of an engaging brand narrative (brand story) that welcomes your audience into your world and so you can share who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Development of a cohesive messaging strategy to guide the content allowing you to know what to say and to create a recognizable brand “voice" for consistent communications across different platforms to resonate with your target audience.

Gap analysis

Analysis of gaps to see where you are today, and compare actual performance with potential one.


Creation of the roadmap with recommendations to move forward to the next level and how to achieve your business goals.

Brand identity and visualization, by creating a Brandbook that includes the graphic identity of your business (new or upgraded logo, visuals, color palettes, mood-board, marketing materials, layouts, booklet templates, etc.)

Together with a professional graphic design team, we create all the necessary visuals to represent your business and let the brand strategy work.

Successful projects

Spiritual branding approach gives the ultimate freedom to position your business in your own UNIQUE WAY

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How to start: Let's arrange a brief Zoom or MS Teams 1:1 call to discuss your current situation and business goals, and develop possible brand strategy buildout options for you

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All has been prepared, so what's next?

When your new brand strategy is ready and a brandbook with full visual communication has been prepared, it's crucial to go along with its correct execution. My experience in launching various brands will be of help for you also in the following steps.

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