When walking along the Baltic Sea, sometimes I am just thinking of nothing, sometimes - focusing on an important question to solve. I notice small pieces of amber on the shore. I see stones of unusual shapes. I pick them up. I bring them to a different place. This reminds me gathering the experience piece by piece.


  • 2022 Launching my Brand Strategy product

    The best practice of my experience in creating brands, implementing brand strategies, and overview of brand identity evolution - it's all here. #SpiritualBrandStrategy
  • 2020 Brand development and execution

    Branding and marketing support for the leading unmanned aircraft systems producer, based in Europe and the US)
  • 2017 Rebranding for charity related organization

    Branding for a non-governmental organization. It's the first time when the brand created is consecrated by the church. Magic experience!
  • 2016Branding and insurance marketing

    Executing the complete rebranding (naming, visual identity, brand communication strategy, brand localization) for one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in Latvia (with branches in Europe)
  • 2015 Rebranding, coaching, personal branding

    Rebranding and marketing consulting for the company being distributor of safety products for Poland market, that includes also the private branding, and coaching
  • 2015 Start-up of email marketing provider

    Being the member of a great marketing team for IT start-up located in Latvia, working globally
  • 2012 Rebranding and insurance marketing

    Rebranding and brand communication for local market, for insurance agent company with more than five thousand sales agents all over Poland
  • 2012Business incubators

    Experience as the team member in setting up business units and providing marketing consulting for Business incubator in Latvia
  • 2012Marketing company

    The daughter company was founded to focus on marketing and advertising related projects
  • 2011Consulting company

    The company was established for business consulting and private coaching projects
  • 2010 Healthy lifestyle product promotion

    Marketing and brand development worldwide (USA, Europe), production of a healthy lifestyle and yoga related products, start-up located in Latvia, working globally
  • 2010 PR and marketing communication for nationwide event

    Marketing communication for the Latvian Song and Dance Festival 2010 (it was a great experience when being a member of the great team of creative professionals)
  • 2007 Outdoor interactive advertising projects

    Distribution of interactive touch screen advertising stands, working with such clients as Riga Airport, French Centre for Language & Cultural Studies, Tukums City Museum
  • 2006 First business unit founded

    Co-founder of the company (nowadays we call it "startup"), with the idea of business: to develop a niche social network, combining online and offline activities. It was too early.
  • 2004Business consulting

    Business consulting related to EU funds projects (acquiring grants for education, production, as well as electronic industry)
  • 1998Insurance marketing

    Management of PR, advertising, and marketing related tasks in a position of a marketing director for one of the largest insurance companies in the Baltics
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