A manifesto proclaims our intentions and mission. The written statement about ROSENSO values and perceptions of the world provides clarity for those who work within the team, partners who interact with us, and our ideal customers.


ENERGY — all is about energies. Do not let your own energy go to the wrong direction, do not allow to steal it from you, search for the additional sources to fill it up.


PURPOSE — find it out what is your path, what is your goal in this life, and follow it.


MASTERY — be the Master of your own life. Be the King! Be the Queen! Only You can create events in your life.
  • All in this world is about energies.
  • Mutual exchange of energies, sex, and thoughts let you grow (or makes you go down). So, be picky when choosing with whom to interact.
  • We believe in creativity through the interaction between feminine and masculine energies, and the presence of God.
  • It is not only about material things. Let the miracles happen.
  • If you are not a monk, balance the spiritual path in the modern life (material world).


  • Perfect is not needed, when too much time to be spent.
  • You will never be perfect, but try to improve every day.
  • Your time is your most valuable asset, spend it wisely.
  • If you are good at something, charge for it.
  • No to others is Yes to yourself.
  • If you focus too much, it is not happening.
  • All people we meet – are meant to be met. So, learn something from them.


  • Be responsible to yourself.
  • Your goals are not necessarily other people goals.
  • Routine is like sleeping. Always be awake!
  • Keep your mind sharp.
  • To understand situation talk to real people, not television or politicians.
  • When travel, act as local.
  • Share your advice only when it is asked for.
  • Explain things to people who are listening to (asking questions and remembering what you said).
  • The body is your temple.
  • Start changes from within.
  • Talk to spiritual people.
  • Know your values. Stick to your values.
  • Train your senses to survive. 
  • Challenge yourself, but take risks wisely.



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